Paperless Office Replica Mac Mouse

Paperless Office Replica Mac Mouse

2016. To mark our decade anniversary, in celebrating, articulating and regenerating the company and its practice, we spent seven days scrutinising, valuing and destroying the company archive. Every piece of paper. Reclaimed, removed, and repurposed into a limited edition set of bespoke artworks reflecting our office life. Here the Paperless Office replica mac mouse, in two design variations - old school double button, and the sleek single click. Each item unique. Varying colours/fabrics, some very limited.


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*Mousepad not included

*As each item is unique, the artwork you receive may be slightly different from that pictured, (stitching thread, "cable" thread, backing fabric), but the body design fabric will be per your choice.




A week-long action artwork. Meat Market Stables. 2016.

Artists: Xan Colman, Julie Renton, Yuhui Ng-Rodriguez, Toni Main.

Piano end: Chris Mildren, Dave Patterson.

Help: Anna Schoo, Bindi Green, Andrew Gray, Felicity Steel.

Video: BatchEDIT. Photography: Jim McDonagh.