Heracles High 5


post-punk cabaret disruption incorporating Heiner Müller's >Heracles 5<

A contemporary disruption of the Greek myth of Heracles, Heracles High 5 dives headlong into the apathy and idolisation of the modern Australian hero culture. In a romp of militaristic proportions, the 2010 incarnation of Heracles, accompanied by a post-punk three-piece band and moderated by a variety emcee, hauls us though his sins, labours and salvation, through the interpreted Müller episode (his contemporary ‘labour’), to a final station inside the action and ambition of the common citizen.

‘Heracles 5’ text by Heiner Müller / Translated from the German by Carl Weber 

Concept, disruption and original texts by Xan Colman and Gert Reifarth / Original music by Christopher Mildren 

Directed by Xan Colman

Stage Design Dayna Morrissey / Lighting Design Richard Vabre Costume Design Katherine Hamer / Video Design Nicholas Verso

Sound Design Matt Adair / Co-director and Dramaturg Gert Reifarth / Assistant Director Nicole Smith 

Performed by Jack Walters, Wes Snelling, Rebecca Ritters, Lee Mason, Moe Hammoud, Tania Lentini, Andrew Gray and Jim McDonagh

Band Christopher Mildren, Tom Hoskins and Chloe Dempsey / Fight Choreography Felicity Steel / Movement Consultant Belle McDonagh Voiceovers Janine Watson and Tom Wren / Stage Manager Rita Verrocchi / Operators Kris Chainey, Lucas Silva-Myles and Jeremy Smith Production Support Michelle Barnett / Produced by Xan Colman and Grant Cooper