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Wang Zheng-Ting in residence

Workshops at Skipton Primary School

“I learned so much about China.”


“It was really fun making kites.”


“Playing the instruments was cool.”

 Student reflections

Workshops at Derrinallum College

"Today is the most I've ever heard about my kids’ school day, making kites, the different instruments and then their own rendition of the music played the entire 17km home from the bus 🚌 🎶 …"

 Parent reflection

Phoenix at Darlington Mechanics Hall

“Go and experience a fun evening which will take you out of your own square.”


“Hearing stories of Ting's journey, his instruments and his musical skills - all whilst sharing Chinese food in an intimate local hall - amazing.”

– Audience reflections

Timberly Williams

Phoenix at Skipton Mechanics Hall

“Definitely worth attending for an evening of music, food, learning and entertainment.”


“A great experience. The story telling and the meal were all excellent.”

– Audience reflections

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