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Neda Rahmani in residence

Workshops at St Patrick's Primary Camperdown

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful Neda with us! I have heard from two parents whose children have now requested a drum (djembe) for Christmas now, so I think the workshop was a great success and enjoyed by all."

 Teacher reflection

Timberly Williams

Workshop at Lismore Primary School

Picture 3.png

"Last Thursday we were lucky enough to have Melbourne musician Neda Rahmani leading the Lismore Primary School students in an interactive rhythm workshop. The students had a terrific time playing African drums, learning about other traditional percussion instruments and dancing. Thanks to A is for Atlas for facilitating."

– Teacher reflection

Cherry, Cherry at Mount Elephant

"Thanks Xan and Neda for a wonderful evening at Cherry, Cherry! It was a vibrant evening with music created by all who attended, storytelling and delicious food. All of your senses were required to embrace the richness of the evening.”

– Audience reflection

Timberly Williams

Cherry, Cherry at Lismore Cricket Club

“I had a great time – new experience, great food and new people and the wonderful story and music. What a great thing for the town that you live at Highton and can bring these events to town. Thank you and look forward to future events.”


– Audience reflection

Timberly Williams

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