Duets for Actor and Musician


Duets for Actor and Musician is a theatrical installation which reinterprets the form of the monologue as a score for multiple parts. Unstitching notions of the singular subject, this collaboration between director, three writers, three actors, three musicians, and three visual artists delivers the solo instead as a song for two.


MRI by Dina Ross
Car Park by Anna Schoo
Down in the Dirt by Kylie Trounson


A theatrical installation which lays bare the details of individual psyche which intercede to render it whole, Duets for Actor and Musician is an enlivening fracture of self-perception, and a unique exploration of form.

"...Please, please make every effort to catch this." - 3MBS 103.5FM

Directed by Xan Colman 

Written by Dina Ross, Anna Schoo and Kylie Trounson Produced by Grant Cooper 

Performed by Janine Watson & Aviva Endean (Clarinet), Mary Helen Sassman & Sophie Dunn (Violin), Julia Harari & David Howell (French Horn) 

Visual Art: Peter Fifer, Todd Sampson and Amber Stuart / Costume Design: Melanie Liertz / Lighting Design/Stage Management: Lucas Silva-Myles