Dining Room Tales


Dining Room Tales deploys performance, food and storytelling to bring people together in creative actions of social resilience; collective contributors to an emerging autobiography. Strangers are invited to the dinner table, to intimately share in the life, practice and culture of food-loving artists over a communal meal they’ve designed for the audience.

It is from the relentless ripples of discrete stories that we begin to forge our great social narratives. We need to slow down more. Smell the roses. Share the personal. There’s time. Really.


Artistic Director: Xan Colman

Artists: Neda Rahmani, Zierle & Carter, David Chong, notfoundyet, Egya Anobil Sackey, Lyndal Jones, Jürgen Fritz,
Wang Zheng-Ting, Yoshio Hamano


Dining Room Tales