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A is for Atlas. We make Art. 

1. Our current focus is Dining Room Tales - you're invited to share a meal with an artist, while sharing their story behind the meal.

2. Grounding Rural Practice is our offering to artists and community - a beautiful fusion of the two. We invite collaborators to stay on the farm in Victoria's western district, to practice, and then to share their practice with the local rural community.

3. We have a long history of producing experimental performance works, both on and off stage. Feel free to peruse our illustrated CV.

4. We invite you to donate to A is for Atlas. With your assistance we can bring these unique and wonder-filled experiences to more artists, to more audiences and to a wider community, both in Australia and internationally.


A is for Atlas is an independent Australian company creating contemporary performance. Our artists travel the globe and the corners of creative practice to deliver new experiments in performance making. We have toured our work to São Paulo, London, Tokyo and Berlin, among others, and likewise invite incredible international performers into Victoria to share their talents with our community.

Our work traverses multi-form practice collaborations, community development practice, collaborative cross-cultural practice and collaborations between arts and non-arts disciplines.

We collaborate across disciplines to find new process, new perspective, new potential. 

We provoke artist and audience to collide, reshuffle, and approach what’s next together. 

We invigorate form. We invigorate audiences. We create possibility. 


Georgina Capper

David Chong

Xan Colman

Yoshio Hamano

Yuhui Ng-Rodriguez

Neda Rahmani

Julie Renton

Tamara Searle

Nathan Slater

Felicity Steel

Wang Zheng-Ting


Xan Colman, Artistic Director

Grant Cooper

Anna Schoo

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